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Kebloom’s app has a step-by-step process that helps every user understand what’s necessary to build a business, develop a social impact initiative, create a fundraising platform and more. The app has lessons that teach and unlock how to:

    • Discover your strengths and interests
    • Brainstorm the “idea”
    • Name and design it
    • Understand the financials
    • Catapult the “idea” into reality

Interaction & Engagement

Learning practical new life skills should be fun and exciting. Throughout the Kebloom journey, there are activities, inspiring stories, challenges and tasks to keep our users inspired and energized. The process of getting to the launch of their “idea” keeps them coming back.

Community Connectivity

The Kebloom community provides young entrepreneurs a forum to connect with other like-minded kids and mentors. Through their connections they receive the support that is necessary to be successful.

Entrepreneurs often find themselves out on their own, striking new ground all alone. Kebloom is all about collaboration and mentorship, so young people always have friends and enthusiastic support in a safe environment.

Gamification & Rewards

Through a young entrepreneur’s journey they are rewarded with badges and points to keep them motivated. Every time they complete a milestone or task they will see their progress through the dashboard. We believe that positive reinforcement will inspire our users to keep going.