Our Mission

Our future is in the hands of our youth. Setting them up for future success rests in ours.

Kebloom is a SaaS-based EdTech and social platform (Web and mobile) that gives young people around the world the foundational skills to become successful adults. It teaches leadership skills, financial acumen, and entrepreneurial skills.

Our mission is to engage, equip and energize young entrepreneurs and set them up to be successful adults.

Only +46% of high school students think their education is relevant. Reasons cited are a lack of financial literacy, creative thinking, and entrepreneurship.

As time goes on, 50% of workers are unhappy in their jobs.

+67% of high school graduates go to college in the U.S., however, 53% of them are underemployed after graduation.

The Opportunity

Kebloom is about community, connection and content, encouraging entrepreneurship and discovery.

The Kebloom app exists to:

Energize. Enable self discovery to help young entrepreneurs uncover their passions, skills and core interests and see the world they can create

Engage. Provide a gamified, step-by-step educational process and relevant content from concept to launch

Equip. Give young entrepreneurs a peer-based community and a network of mentors and companies that will enable development of their ideas

Kebloom’s Three Pillars


“Everything you can imagine is real.”

– Pablo Picasso


“Whatever you do, do it well.”

– Walt Disney


“We rise by lifting others”

– Robert Ingersoll

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